Savannah Music Festival

   Trinity United Methodist Church, Savannah, GA

Note the wonderful diffraction structure behind the piano. This collection of brass organ pipes and the Corinthian columns are a major contributor to the extraordinary sound inside the Trinity.

This view shows the scale of the interior and also the solid stone structure. The balconies have sloping floors beneath so they do not create any standing waves for listeners nearby. 

Note the ceiling meets the walls through large arches and not at right angles.

The rear wall also has a grouping of brass organ pipes that contribute to the diffraction.
Note the way the ceiling joins the wall through large, curved,

 solid plaster arches.

The people set the scale of the interior space which is not at all very large..

        Savannah Music Room

                  The Savannah Music Room features an all-out approach to using the diffraction principal. 
All cables and interconnects are Omega Mikro Ebony Series, !mpulse 200 Series and Planar Power Active power cords. Not visible in the picture is a Stratum II  with Line Tamer and a separate Line tamer Module.
      The Galileo CD player is the source of music. 

    These balls started life as Gallo Nucleus II's. We replaced all wire with 300 micro-inch Omega Mikro 

       Planar Ribbons, designed a solid brass stand, and mounted the transformers behind the speakers, and               replaced the attenuator cap with a custom design. The CDT elements have been removed from their                  casings and remounted for much more natural sound as shown. The vertical facing balls are rolled off                                                     with a simple one custom cap. No inductors.

The triangular object  centered on the Mapleshade Samson Rack is Insound Audio Inc's V Amp gen 3 

designed and hand-built 20 years ago.  Still working as well as when new and still the most musically               natural amp we have heard. The Galileo  gen 5 CD player is on the lower Samson Rack shelf.
It is battery powered.

The Savannah Music room but with out the center diffraction platform.

 (see the first photo in the Savannah Music Room series)

 It was removed after we heard it detracting from the sound.

Music reproduced in this room comes closer to the sound of a live performance than we have ever heard!

Diffraction treatment behind these speakers is an essential part of the overall diffraction treatment.

Right channel showing first reflection point and right wall diffractors.

Better view of the Galileo and rear floor diffractors.