"...nothing gets you closer to the music."

Double Helix Power Cable

​4.5' MK I            $165 
                                                4.5' MK I Plus   $225
                                                 4.5' MK II           $245  

4.5' MK II Plus   $305

Because the Double Helix Speaker Cable came out sounding so good, Pierre and I decided to adapt the design to an AC power cord. It worked like gangbusters! If anything, the power cord is even more impressive in improving the sound of amplifiers and power conditioners than the speaker cable. We’ve also noticed that digital components, CDs, DVDs and D/As, are particularly helped by our power cord. We’ve further enhanced our power cord’s sonics with an audibly-better-than-standard IEC plug, and by far the best-sounding AC plug in audio, both produced to our spec.

The MKII version of our AC Cord adds a pair of "outrigger"ground wires that run parallel to the Double Helix power conductors (about 6"to the left and right of the power wires). The MK II has noticeably better dynamics, more bass weight and even cleaner treble than the standard Clearview AC Cord. We think the MKII’s modest extra cost is an excellent sonic investment.

CLEARVIEW AC CORD KITS (To Replace Hardwired Cords):
NO EXTRA COST!  Please contact us for more information and/or to buy.

You have a real good-sounding CD player, amp, turntable or recorder. You just know it could sound great with a first-rate AC cord. No dice, the piece doesn’t have a removable cord. Cheer up! Since this comes up so often, we’ve developed a kit to change your cord easily—without diving into the bowels of your gear wielding a soldering iron. Couldn’t be simpler: just get a MKI or a MKII Clearview Double Helix Power Cord Kit. It comes with prepared and marked bare wire ends plus insulated copper butt splices that you simply squeeze on with pliers—no soldering. Just cut your component’s captive cord 3" from the box and scrape bare the conductors at the cut end, slip on the butt splices and squeeze. By the way, it’ll sound better than if you’d paid somebody $100 to cut a hole in the back of your chassis and hard-wire in an IEC jack. The add-on IEC jack and mating plug just add a lot of unnecessary, bad-sounding dielectric.

                                                                              ANOTHER STEP UP

All Clearview wires are available in a Plus version. Plus uses conductors with our new stress-relived metallurgy. I hear the Plus making the most difference in quiet passages: held guitar or piano chords sustain longer and resonate more clearly as they fade into silence. The breathiness of singers and flutes, the metallic ring of cymbals is better articulated and less abrasive. For fans of acoustic music, small group jazz or chamber music, we recommend Plus without hesitation.

Clearview Double Helix MKI & MKII

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