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Planar Analog VII (AVII) LCX

Planar Analog VII (AVII) LCX

                                                              1M.  $1,874  
                                                     Call for custom lengths

The AVII comes in lengths from 0.5 to 2 meters. The AVII uses silver- plated brass compression hardware for better sounding connection of ribbon to plug but differs from the AI & AVI in two very important respects: the pure copper ribbons are about half as thick (300 micro inches) and the refining protocol is more extensive (and expensive) and results in smoother yet more detailed sound. If you‘re into skin effect, the AVII is thinner than skin depths from dc out to frequencies far beyond audio - 70 megahertz. This helps assure that music’s shortest and longest micro and macro transients and dynamics experience the same time delay as they travel through our interconnect.

Why is this important? If time skew is present, music’s longer duration micro transients will arrive ahead of those with shorter duration. This reduces the impact of leading edges and thus robs the music of its natural power and subtle nuances. It also reduces harmonic coherence.

We therefore use our thinnest ribbon in the AVII (the same as in or top-of-the-line Ebony) to assure that time skew is minimized. When it is, all signals spend exactly the same amount of time in our interconnects no matter how short or how long their duration. The result, music has a natural impact and decay with nuances intact. Voicing of all the instruments is truer because the harmonics are nearly perfectly aligned with each other and with the fundamentals. You simply have to hear this effect in the AVII to appreciate it.


"...nothing gets you closer to the music."