Using the same 6 nines pure 200 micro-inch copper ribbon as the !mpulse 200 Analog Interconnects,  same annealing protocol, the Phono provides electronic industry standard (grounded at the sink end, floating at the source end) EMI shielding for low level signals, e.g., turntable to preamp. The battery/network box at the sink end has three functions: it provides  the ground for audio signal, it creates a bias on the shield which negates much of the dielectric effects of the internal very thin polymer insulation and it filters unwanted radio frequency (rf) interference from the low level signal.

Inside the silver over copper braided shield are two 200 micro-inch  .999999 pure copper conductors  insulated by very loosely fitted jackets of ultra-thin polymer. Dielectric effects diminish greatly as the insulator distance  from the ribbon increases so, unlike essentially all  insulated wire used in high end audio cables, that small separation significantly reduces the smearing effects of the dielectric. The result is very pure sound faithful to the source quality. Customers who evaluated the beta version of the Phono reported significant improvements in sound quality over their previous reference interconnects, some costing far more than the Phono.

"...nothing gets you closer to the music."

!mpulse 200 Phono

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