"...nothing gets you closer to the music."

Omega Mikro

Insound Audio Inc modifed Ref 3.5 and Ref 3.1 showing the rear enclosures 3.5 has black lacquer maple the 3.1 has solid Macassar Ebony.  Speaker connectors are pure silver plated brass wing nuts for the purest connection to the internal ribbon interconnections.

INSOUND AUDIO INC Listening Room in Great Cacapon WV

Acoustic treatment is maple plank diffraction . Speakers are INSOUND AUDIO INC 4  Gallo Nuke II  balls/drivers with linear time delay tuning and  OMEGA MIKRO ribbons. Omega Mikro proprietary caps set the tweeter level. Amps are dual mono INSOUND AUDIO INC V AMPs Class A vertical MOSFET bare ribbon internal connections.

Home Theater Components

Diffraction door by Marcia Bauman.

Insound Audio Inc modified Gallo Ref 3.5 with black lacquer maple rear enclosure and Mapleshade maple base.


Insound Audio Inc Modified Gallo Ref 3.1 Macassar Ebony rear enclosures one with Mapleshade maple bass the other a custom Macassar Ebony Base