"...nothing gets you closer to the music."

Omega Mikro

Adjustable diffraction panel by Marcia Bauman

INSOUND AUDIO INC Listening Room in Great Cacapon WV  

Acoustic treatment is maple plank diffraction designed by Marcia Bauman.

 Speakers are INSOUND AUDIO INC 4x Gallo Nuke II  balls/drivers with linear time delay tuning and  OMEGA MIKRO ribbons. Omega Mikro proprietary caps set the tweeter level.

Amp is are  battery powered V AMP by  INSOUND AUDIO INC ,Class A  (no-electrolytics), DC-1MHz, ultra-low jitter design.

DIRAC Streamer and DAC and Mini-Shannon are the sources. 

Listening is totally off-grid.

Home Theater Components

Left diffraction door/wall designed/built by Marcia Bauman


INSOUND AUDIO INC 3 Ball and 4 Ball Gallo Nucleus based 3 ball and 4 ball speakers.

Retuned for minimal differential time delay, including 300 micro-inch internal ribbons and custom caps for setting CDT tweeter level and for bypassing 2 of 4 woofers.

Back diffraction wall by Marcia Bauman