Omega Mikro‚Äč

By test, our new ribbon conducters make excellent component video cables. Expect to see significantly better edge resolution, deeper blacks, vivid reds, and finer pastel gradations.

                                                                  ANOTHER STEP UP

All Clearview wires are available in a PLUSversion. PLUS uses conductors with our new stress-relieved metallurgy. The PLUS version brings out more picture details especially in dark areas of the picture where details without the PLUS were not as obvious. We recommend PLUS without hesitation.

Clearview Ultrathin Component Video Cable

Ultrathin Component Video

1M.  (set of 3)           $180                                      
1M. Plus (set of 3)   $262.5                                                    2M.  (set of 3)           $240                                                       2M. Plus  (set of 3)  $322.5 

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