"...nothing gets you closer to the music."

(Field-Shaping Ground Plane Ribbons)

Omega Mikro

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OMEGA MIKRO and Clearview

Why would you want these? Because they do for your sound what all our other products do: make it clearer, more detailed, more dynamic and more exciting  - they take you another step closer to the sound of live music. They do this by getting the leading and trailing edge timing closer to the original by reducing dielectric absorption and skin effects and their associated smearing, and they greatly reduce the effects of electromagnetic interference (EMI). Here’s how they work: 

Your speaker cables carry currents that represent the music to your speakers and from your speakers back to your amps. What you hear from your speakers is a combination of both the outbound and the inbound currents. As these currents travel through your speaker cables they create fields that permeate the space throughout your listening room (and beyond). These currents and all the nearby objects in your room in part determine the shape of the fields. Anything in your room that affects the fields will also affect the currents flowing between your amps and speakers - and thereby the sound you hear. The closest and largest objects cause the most smearing or grunge. If you can reduce the currents induced by these objects you can reduce the grunge and greatly clarify your sound. 

EMI works its mischief in much the same way as the objects in your room. Your speaker cables are antennas as far as EMI fields are concerned.  Distant or close- by radio or TV transmitters, yours or your neighbors oil burner furnaces, line transformers, fluorescent lights  (the list could go on and on) can be sources of EMI fields that get into your listening room. When these EMI fields interact with your speaker cables (and other interconnects in your system) they send currents in both directions - towards your speakers and towards your amps. The currents that go toward your speakers lose some energy in the voice coil (and within the speaker cable) and the remainder bounce off the voice coil and return to your amp. There they intermodulate with the music currents and you hear grunge. Reduce these currents and you reduce the grunge and greatly clarify your sound.  

We developed the FSGP’s to reduce the field distortion caused by the objects in your listening room and the grunge that results. By placing FSGP’s near your speaker cables you significantly reshape both the fields created by the desired music currents flowing through your speaker cables and the impinging EMI fields.  By focusing the field energy between the FSGP’s and your speaker cables you weaken the field throughout the rest of the room and therefore large nearby objects have far less effect.  The FSGP’s also greatly weaken the EMI fields that would otherwise be coupled to your speaker cables. In effect, FSGP’s shield your speaker cables from EMI. 

You install a pair of Field -Shaping Ground Plane Ribbon’s spade ends at the negative output terminals of your power amp - one per channel. Drape the ribbons alongside the positive speaker cables for their entire length towards the speaker cabinet. Tape the free ends of the FSGP’s to the speaker cabinet so that they’re insulated from any metal parts.  

If you live close to large transmitters or power transformers or other strong EMI radiators you might want to consider additional FSGP’s to further shield your speaker cables and interconnects. Since we use very thin pure copper spade lugs you can easily stack several on each negative amplifier speaker output connector. Then drape the free ends along your interconnects and tape to any convenient point being careful not to let the bare ribbon touch metal. The more FSGP’s you use the more you’ll clarify your sound. 

FSGP's are available in Clearview (1000 micro-inch ribbon), or  iOMEGA MIKRO versions (500 micro-inch or 300 micro-inch) Please PRICE LIST for cost.

All ground plane ribbons come with pure copper spade lugs at one end with polymer insulation at amplifier end. 
Omega Mikro spade lugs are monomolecular silver-plated.