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​    ​Omega Mikro products are our uncompromised attempt to build the best sounding cables in the world.  They are costly to produce because each one is hand crafted and tested and the materials we use in their construction are at the limits of what industry can produce. They are priced accordingly. 

However, many potential customers asked us if we could make a less costly line of products that had the essential essence of Omega Mikro's transparency and natural musicality. In response, my partner Pierre Sprey and I developed the Clearview line of products. We designed the Clearview line with the same basic philosophy we apply to our Omega Mikro line i.e., to minimize smearing from dielectric, skin effect and other sources and assure that groups of sounds at any audible frequencies traverse the cable in the same time. When all sounds- no matter at what frequency or how short or long in duration- spend the same amount of time in the interconnect or cable, smearing is eliminated and the music takes on a natural quality that makes it sound more like live music.

We implement the Clearview line with less expensive dielectrics and conductors and they require far less skilled labor to manufacture. Therefore, we can offer Clearview at prices that every music lover can afford.

So we've got you covered no matter what your budget! See our complete product Price List.

We can retrofit your Omega Mikro analog interconnects with our new plugs for $180 + $18 shipping and handling charge ($90 +$18 shipping and handling for your digital interconnects). Call to schedule your upgrade.

We have put a lot of information in this web site including who we are, our philosophy, reviewers' and customers' comments, product instructions and descriptions . Be sure to check out our Consignment Shop and Warehouse models for previously owned and R&D models at bargain prices. 

You asked us for an inexpensive yet sonically transparent way to keep your cables and interconnects away from floors, shelves other cables and objects.  My wife and corporate designer Marcy came up with this incredibly elegant solution we call Quadrad Cable Lifts that exceeded all our design goals. Check them out too!

All Omega Mikro and Clearview standard products carry a 30 day no hassle money back (less shipping and handling fees) guarantee. We have less than a 0.1% return rate so we are confidant you'll be pleased with your purchase. If you do choose to return a product please be sure to return it in the same condition as received and packed just as it was originally.

Please contact us with your questions and comments. We support you, our customers, with useful and informative tweaks & tips along with general help in setting up your system. There is a 'contact' link on every page for your convenience. Consignment Shop and Warehouse Sale items can be ordered by phone with a credit card as can the Passive Attenuators and products in other lengths than the shopping cart options. All new Omega Mikro and Clearview products can be ordered by credit card through the phone or email. 

Thank you,
Ron Bauman
inSound, Inc.