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Our goal in designing speaker cables is to achieve high time domain fidelity in transferring musical energy between amplifier and speaker (and from speaker to amplifier, an often neglected  part of the speaker cable's function). All our planar speaker cables share similar design features; conductors are bare, thin, pure copper ribbon, insulated by a loose-fitting fine copper wire braid, or low loss polymer dielectric. All Omega Mikro speaker cables (except the Planar 0) are terminated with thin pure soft copper speaker lugs designed to provide a transparent interface with your amplifier and speaker connectors with minimal pressure. 

We use a separate strand for the positive and negative connections for each channel. Thus, a set of our speaker cables consists of four insulated ribbons. Active versions use, in addition, two 18-volt battery and rf filter network boxes.

Our standard speaker cables sound best eight feet in length. However, we can make them up to 16 feet long as a custom order.

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All speaker cables, including
Omega Mikro, sound better when they are away from the floor and other large surfaces.  Our corporate designer Marcy designed  Quadrad Cable Lifts to achieve separation from floors, shelves and other large objects. They do their job with absolutely minimal sonic degradation (compared to our reference which is a silk thread attached to the ceiling suspending the speaker cable at the same height as the cable lift we are comparing it to) because they employ the same design philosophy as our other products, i.e., they have minimal dielectric in the near field of the conductor they support. They sound better than any other cable lift product we have encountered! And, they are priced so that everyone can afford as many sets as you wish!