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Omega Mikro​

Planar Speaker I (WT)

                                                                            8'  $824   

Planar Speaker I is our entry level
Omega Mikro speaker cable.  Conductors are 0.001-inch (1000 micro-inch) thin pure copper ribbons with optimized geometry for best sonic results. 
The insulator for each copper ribbon is fine insulated copper wire woven into an open weave (greater than 70% open to the air) mesh. Since each ribbon is in loose contact with its surrounding mesh it sees mostly air. The speaker and amplifier lugs are made
 of a specially formulated soft copper that provides an airtight, good-sounding connection with minimal pressure.

The positive and negative conductors sound optimal by separating each by several inches or feet if you have the space. Separating them reduces capacitance between conductors to values much less than typical thickly insulated cables. The Planar Speaker I design thereby minimizes the effects of dielectrics by minimizing the amount of dielectric material in the conductor’s immediate near field and by minimizing the capacitance and hence the ability to store energy in the capacitance between conductors.

The thin conductor assures that very short and very long micro and macro transients and dynamics spend the same amount of time in the ribbons and the minimal dielectric effects assure music is free of the smear typical cables that use thicker and more heavily insulated conductors have. That all portions of the music spend the same time in the cable is important to reduce smear to give you that pristine, coherent sound that we are famous for.

Don't let the word 'entry' or it's price fool you. As  with all our other products, Planar Speaker I is far superior to anything in it's price range or at  several times its cost. We  guarantee it.