"...nothing gets you closer to the music."

Omega Mikro

QUADRAD Cable Lifts

Odd as it may seem, laying audio cables on an artificial floor covering or fiber carpet or polyurethane-coated wood floor will immediately dull the sound of your stereo. And that’s true for all cables, not just Clearview or Omega Mikro. Unfortunately, the floor is a huge mass of low quality insulation (dielectric). It absorbs and smears energy from the field around the wire. The effect is pretty grim, making music sound dulled, congested and harsh. 

You asked us for an inexpensive yet sonically transparent way to keep your cables and interconnects away from floors, shelves other cables and objects.  My wife and corporate designer Marcy came up with this incredibly elegant solution we call QUADRAD Cable Lifts that exceeded all our design goals. In our listening room, we tested our maple Triads against hanging the speaker cables from the ceiling using a silk thread. Silk thread minimizes dielectric effects to near 0. 

We found that when the thread held the speaker cable at least 6 inches off the floor the sound was far more transparent then when it was lying against the floor. We got slight improvements in transparency as we raised the cable higher than 6” but the point of diminishing returns is at 8”. When we replaced the silk thread with Triads - which lift the cables 8” off the floor- we found them as transparent as the silk thread, Moreover, they were far more transparent then any other product we tested them against including large ceramics, wood blocks and several other wood configurations. 

QUADRADS come with a 30-Day Money Back guarantee.


11" Deep Walnut    $18.90   Natural (set of 4) $73.50

18 " Deep Walnut   $23.10    Natural (set of 4)   $84.00