Ebony Interface Pucks

"...nothing gets you closer to the music."

Omega Mikro‚Äč

Ebony Interface Pucks are made of solid Macassar Ebony wood:

~1.5" diameter by 0.4" thick They are available in 2 versions:

with 3 flat brass washers  or 3 brass tapped screws, as feet.

Our customers use Ebony  Interface Pucks under speakers

(some as heavy as 400 pounds per channel), DACs, transports, servers, computers, turntables, amplifiers, preamps, routers:  in short, every component in their systems.

In many cases, the sound with Ebony Pucks is preferable to

other interface solutions for vibration control but that cost far more than Omega Mikro Ebony Interface Pucks.

When interfacing a very heavy component, e.g., a speaker, with the puck. please do not drop the component onto the puck: that might split it. Gently lower the component onto the puck and the puck will do its job with no complaints.

The two versions shown here are very close in sound, the main difference being that the tapped brass screws are more robust than the less expensive brass washers. See PRICE LIST for prices.

Ebony pucks are sold with a 30 day price (minus s/h/i) return policy. However, no refunds on pucks with damage or signs of use or wear..