TT1: Large toroid transformer 5" diameter, 2 1/4" high. 115VAC 50-60Hz primary with 2 secondaries each 70VCTat 5 amps. This transformer weighs 7lbs 10 oz and comes with mounting hardware (large steel disc and rubber mounting disc). Brand new never used.

DIYers use our ribbons and wire to modify their amps, preamps, phono stages, tone arms and speakers. Some use our ribbons to make their own interconnects and cables.  These are new off- the- reel and are directionalized for you. We can cryo treat any of our ribbons or wires using the same stable temperature protocol as in our LCX treatment. We sell ribbons and wire by the linear foot:

Ebony Ribbon _ 300 micro-inch thick by 3/8" wide--------------------------------------------$12.60

AI Ribbon _ 500 micro-inch thick by 3/8" wide -------------------------------------------------$7.35

Ebony Speaker Silver/Copper Ribbon _500 micro-inch thick by 1/2" wide ---------$23.10

Ebony Speaker Copper Ribbon _ 500 micro-inch thick by 1/2" wide ------------------$12.60

Planar Speaker I Ribbon _ 1000 micro-inch thick by 1/2" wide --------------------------$5.25

Planar Power Ribbon _ 2000 micro-inch by 1/2" wide -------------------------------------$9.45

Phono Arm Wire _ 42 gauge tightly twisted pair to cancel skin effect ----------------$9.45

Silver/copper braid _ 3/4"  woven braided tubing for shields ----------------------------$9.45

Cryoing for any ribbon/wire per foot ---------------------------------------------------------$2.10

"...nothing gets you closer to the music."

CICL1 _ This  fully sealed and potted vacuum tube power supply inductor provides 8 Henry's, 116 ma maximum current, 250 ohms series resistance  for power supply filters. It weighs 2 pounds. Size is 3 1/4" above chassis with a  2 1/4" by 2 1/4" square base and four 1/2" long #8-32 bolts for chassis mounting. It was made by Freed Transformer Company, Brooklyn NY.


KWV1: This power transformers weigh more than 8.5 pounds. They are US military sealed and potted metal cans with 2x 115 VAC primaries so they can be used on either 115 VAC or 230 VAC. They are tested at line frequencies from 50 Hz to 1000 Hz. The secondaries are 780 VCT at .055 ma, 5VAC at 2A, 6.3 VAC at 3.25 A and 6.3 VAC at 1.5A. The size is" 5.2" height (above chassis) with 4X 0.5" 10-32 threaded studs below chassis and they are 3.3" deep and 3.9" wide. Ideal for vacuum tube amplifier power supplies. Removed from equipment.

TRANSFORMERS: These transformers are very high quality very good sounding transformers left over from our limited production runs. We guarantee these transformers, whether new or removed from equipment, will perform as new.

Omega Mikro‚Äč

MINIMALIST PHONO CARTRIDGE PIN Sockets: - set of 4 mono-silver ------$88.62
                                                                             over thin-wall brass
                                                                             low mass, anti-vibration, 
                                                                             True-transmission Line design

=====================Please provide your cartridge pin diameter=========================

RCA Plugs and Jacks _ these are our previous models ------------RCA Plugs----$55.13
                                        and  the second best sounding -----------RCA Jacks---- $44.10
                                        RCA plugs and jacks we know 
                                        of. Includes mono-silver plating on 
                                        pure brass and mono-silver/brass hardware.

Used RCA plugs ---------------------------------------------------- $10- each, set of 4 for $35.00


Polymer Sleeving _600 u-inch thick ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------$2.10
(Free with equal length copper ribbon order)

Wire Mesh Open Weave Flexible Sleeve  _ (Our 2nd best mesh used in the Planar Speaker V) ----NLA

Wire Mesh Open Weave Flexible Sleeve
 50 micro-inch insulation on #42 gauge wire--------------------------------------------------------------------------NLA
 (the best insulator we offer (and that we know of other than air or vacuum) 

CAPACITORS: These polystyrenes capacitors are custom made to Omega Mikro requirements

Polystyrene 1uF 400 Volts - 300u-inch pure copper foil leads (NEW)-----------------------------------$52.50

Polystyrene 1uF 400 Volts - you attach your own leads--------------------------------------------------------- $26.25

Polystyrene  - ask for the values you need - we have a large selection 

We have far more caps for sale than we can list here. Call for info.