We build our interconnects and cables as simple as we know how. Our philosophy is to keep the signal path as pure as possible. The benefits of this philosophy is sound that is closer to live - more dynamic, more subtle details without glare and more musical excitement. For customers who want to take their systems to the next sonic level we recommend replacing your active or passive preamplifier with a set of Omega Mikro passive attenuators. Our passive attenuators provide the simplest and purest path from your sources to your amps. Customers who have made the transition to our passive attenuators sell their line stage preamps, autotransformer passives and other passive preamps and save a bundle. They report the improvement with our passive attenuators is nothing short of breath taking - they cannot believe how much better their systems sound without the line stage.

This improvement comes at a cost in convenience so it is not for everybody - just those that must have the best sound possible. Here’s what you have to do to incorporate our passive attenuators in your system:

  • Disconnect your line stage preamp and set it aside
  • Disconnect the interconnects from your amp’s inputs
  • Plug an Omega Mikro passive attenuator into each of your amp’s inputs.

  • (You may have to move your amps and sources closer together so that your interconnects reach the passive attenuators)
  • Connect an interconnect from your source to the RCA jack on the rear of the passive attenuator at each amp

Passive attenuators handle only one source at a time - we know that’s a pain and why many customers elect not to use passive attenuators. But for those who want the most from their systems here is how you obtain them:

  • Send us a check for $1149.75 or call us with a credit card to cover the cost, shipping and handling of three (3) sets of attenuators, each with a different value of attenuation that you will select. If you want more than three add $370.65 for each additional set.
  • We then send you a test box that has a variable attenuator, input and output jacks and a paper panel for you to mark.
  • Connect the test box in your system as though it were a line stage preamp.
  • Play a variety of music from each source you want to use with the passive attenuators (the test box does not sound nearly as good as the passive attenuators you’ll end up with but most customers find the test box sounds better than their active line stage).
  • Find the three positions that represent the volume level you’ll want to listen to using the variable attenuator. Mark the three positions with a pencil on the paper panel surrounding the attenuator knob. Be sure to distinguish, perhaps by using different colors, which marks are associated with each source if you have more than one source,
  • Return the test box to us within 15 days with your three markings on it.
  • We will custom manufacture a set of attenuators based on your marks and from data on the input impedance of your amplifier. You can find the input impedance of your amplifier either from the spec sheet that came with your amp or by asking the manufacturer. We then ship the attenuators to you marked with the attenuation levels in dB and the amp’s input impedance.

"...nothing gets you closer to the music."

Passive Attenuators

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