Omega Mikro‚Äč

Ground sleeve and hot pin both inserted.

Ready for interconnect.

Hot pin inserted. Ground sleeve ready to insert.

Hot Pin

BNC-RCA Purist Adaptor

Ground Sleeve

"...nothing gets you closer to the music."

Omega Mikro purist BNC-RCA Adpator consists of 2 parts: Hot Pin and Ground Sleeve. Notice there is no dielectric insulation to degarde the  sound.

A generic BNC connector is shown for instructional purposes and is not part of the adaptor: the BNC connector will be on your component.

$85.00 in pure brass

$125.00 in mono-layer silver plate over brass. Plus shipping/handling/insurance

(SHI free if ordered and delivered with

any other Omega Mikro product)

Digital Interconnect connected. Ready to make music.