"...nothing gets you closer to the music."

The Planar Speaker 0 is a low skin effect, low dielectric absorption speaker cable at a bargain price. 1000 micro-inch pure copper conductor insulated by 500 micro-inch thick loose-fitting dielectric is the way we achieve this remarkably clean, clear sound at a bargain price. It comes standard with silver plated pure copper wire ends but can be optionally fitted with either banana plugs or our standard pure copper spade lugs as an option.

Like other OMEGA MIKRO planar speaker cables the stereo set consists of four (4) individual insulated ribbons. This design further decreases the smearing effects of dielectric loading and  therefore the Planar Speaker 0's  sound their best when the ribbons are separated  several inches or more.

The flexible nature of the ultra-thin ribbons makes deploying these cables very easy and also significantly reduces sound quality vibrations that thick and stiff cables convey from speaker to amp. 

We designed the Planar Speaker 0's to sell at entry -level prices (see PRICE LIST).

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