"...nothing gets you closer to the music."

Omega Mikro‚Äč

LCX Treament Options

and Ebony Series Cat 8 Ethernet Cables

LCX (Lattice crystal alignment) refers to the effect that long  soaking at cryogenic temperatures has on the crystal structure of copper and other metals.  The LCX treatment also includes, where practical, a high energy electromagnetic pulsing  (HEEMP) break-in. We use proprietary protocols for the cryo soak and the HEEMP processes.The result is a very noticeable increase in fine musical detail, more accurate attacks and decays and a heightened sense of dynamics.

One of our dealers, Rodney Thompson, suggested we  explore the effect of multiple LCX treatments on sound quality. The items to be tested were a set of Line Tamer Modules. He sent us five LTM's, all of which had already been LCX'd one time. We applied the LCX process in the following way: 1 box was not treated again,  the others underwent 1, 2, 3, and 4 additional  LCX treatments. Each of the boxes was marked with a code that only I knew, that identified the total number of LCX treatments., i.e., 1, 2,3 4, or 5.

Rodney and his team then listened to each of the LTM test items and, to my amazement, ranked them from best to least in exact proportion to the number of total LCX treatments. 

James USA suggested we treat one of the Planar Power Cords he was purchasing with 3 LCX treatments. The results were similar to those of the LTM: More LCX treatments results in better sound. Sp that our customers can take advantage of these findings, we  list the cost of multiple LCX treatments for each of our major products.

The price of multiple LCX treatments for Ebony Series Cat 8 Ethernet Cables is included in the table under OMEGA MIKRO and Clearview DIGITAL