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Power Cables & Strips

Stratum II


Active Planar Power Cord

All of our power cords come in a choice of two directionalities we call Red and Blue. Your dealer will let you try both to determine which sounds better for each of your components. Keep the one that sounds best and return the other. for rerfund.

When evaluating which color power cord to use, we recommend acoustic music, especially piano recordings, that are known to be recorded in correct absolute acoustic phase (please read Clark Johnsen’s “the Wood Effect” for more insight into absolute acoustic phase and also click here to get a little more insight. All Mapleshade recordings are recorded in correct phase). Listen for the initial impact of each keystroke; the correct color power cord will render the keystroke more natural (the wrong color will slightly soften the initial attack of each note). Of course, the same effect is present with all music but for first time listeners of this effect, a solo piano is easier to hear than a complex ensemble.

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