8'  $1,507 

The Planar Speaker II sounds best in eight-foot lengths but can be ordered in longer custom lengths.

Planar Speaker II uses the same copper ribbon and open weave loosely coupled mesh as the Planar Speaker I . The II differs in construction from the I in that it uses an active mesh to reduce dielectric effects so that smearing is minimized. 

The II comes with two battery/network boxes, one for each channel . These boxes contain RF filters and batteries to bias the mesh and to filter out radio frequency interference. Batteries will last their normal shelf life since they produce no power but rather provide a fixed bias for the mesh. 

The Planar Speaker II has slightly more immediacy and presence than the I and also conveys the music with more weight and blacker backgrounds in part because rf interference reduces background noise and the bias reduces the already low dielectric effects to enhance the character and separation of each instrument in ensembles.

Planar Speaker II

"...nothing gets you closer to the music."

Omega Mikro‚Äč