"...nothing gets you closer to the music."

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Planar Speaker V uses a highly refined mono layer 500 micro-inch  pure copper ribbon and open-weave copper wire mesh. The Planar Speaker V‘s copper mesh receives a bias voltage from an 18-volt battery and network supply box. The bias voltage reduces dielectric effects and thereby significantly reduces smearing: the longer your cables the more important it becomes to minimize the smearing effect of dielectric absorption.

Planar Speaker V, by further minimizing skin effect, conveys music with even greater time domain fidelity than the II or I. As good as the II and I are, when you hear the V you’ll realize why we go to such extremes to minimize skin effect. Your system’s sound will be closer to a live performance by recreating more accurately leading and trailing edge dynamics.

Omega Mikro

Planar Speaker V Active (LCX)