"...nothing gets you closer to the music."

Planar Ebony Active (LCX)

Omega Mikro

                                                                              8'  see PRICE LIST

Planar Ebony LCX is our top-of-the-line speaker cable. The Ebony uses pure copper ribbons silvered on one side and 500 millionths of an inch thick (half as thick as our Planar Speaker I and II cables). Planar Ebony LCX employs a much finer copper wire and insulating layer comprising the insulating mesh.

Because the mesh is more than 95% open, and is one third as thick, it contains less than a 1/16th the volume of dielectric as the Planar Speaker V’s insulation. The weight of air contained within the Ebony’s mesh sleeve weighs nearly ten times as much as the insulation! As a result, the ribbon sees mostly air. The mesh is biased with an 18-volt battery and network box, which all but eliminates dielectric effects of the mesh. Dielectric smearing, already very low in the V, is vanishingly small in the Ebony.

As dielectric smearing is reduced, bass takes on a more accurate texture, sounding faster, deeper and more detailed. Midrange and upper treble details are revealed with more delicacy and nuance. Instruments are voiced with a satisfyingly live quality. Moreover, when presented with large complex ensembles, Planar Ebony conveys the music the way it sounds live - maintaining the true voice of each individual instrument and their spatial relations. The music emerges from a solid, black background that is startlingly real.