"...nothing gets you closer to the music."

Omega Mikro

Clearview Golden Parallel

Specifically configured for long runs from 16’ to 60’, the Golden Parallel uses the identical silver-plated high-purity copper, solid core, ultra-thin dielectric conductor as the Golden Helix; the only difference is the + and – conductors are run parallel and spaced apart, not tightly twisted. When you change to Golden Parallel for your rear speakers, the soundstage behind you will double or triple, the quietest sounds (whispers, rustling leaves, echoes) will gain crystal clarity and of course, music gains presence and punch. I encourage you compare them head-to-head against Monster, Audioquest, Kimber, Tara, Nordost, Harmonic Technology, etc. You will hear an immediate improvement in realism, dynamics and detail, or we’ll refund your money.

For best sound, we recommend connecting our cables directly to speaker binding posts using only their prepared bare wire ends. Upon request, we will add pure copper spade lugs for $28 extra per cable set or banana plugs for $38.

We also offer custom Bi-Wire Jumpers. For bi-wire speakers, we offer a set of 4 copper ribbon jumpers  that are a remarkable upgrade over the standard  thick brass plates.  Before ordering this item, please measure the distance between your speaker's upper and lower binding posts (centerhole to centerhole) and allow a little extra room to avoid snapping the fragile ribbons..

                                                                           ANOTHER STEP UP

All Clearview wires are available in a Plus version. Plus uses conductors with our new stress-relived metallurgy. I hear the Plus making the most difference in quiet passages: held guitar or piano chords sustain longer and resonate more clearly as they fade into silence. The breathiness of singers and flutes, the metallic ring of cymbals is better articulated and less abrasive. For fans of acoustic music, small group jazz or chamber music, we recommend Plus without hesitation.


​20' - 40' stereo pair   
Plus upgrade: All lengths