Clearview Ultrathin Digital Ribbon (new pic to come) 

Omega Mikro


1M. Plus  

2M. Plus  

"...nothing gets you closer to the music."

Clearview Digital Ultrathin Ribbon interconnects routinely win shootoffs against famous audiophile brand digital wires and optical cables at any price. You’ll hear the same kind of improvements that our analog interconnects offer. Additionally, our new Ribbon Series incorporates a powerful jitter reducing network that clarifies the digital signal so that the sound emerges with a transparency that no othe manufacturer can compete with at any cost. Our beta customers have dubbed this product the best bargain in high end audio!

                                                             ANOTHER STEP UP

All Clearview Ribbon Series are available in a Plus version. Plus uses conductors with our new stress-relieved metallurgy. We hear the Plus making the most difference in quiet passages: held guitar or piano chords sustain longer and resonate more clearly as they fade into silence. The breathiness of singers and flutes, the metallic ring of cymbals is better articulated and less abrasive. For fans of acoustic music, small group jazz or chamber music, we recommend Plus without hesitation. We can't think of another way to get this degree of improvement for such modest cost.