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Many of our customers have told us they get better picture quality with a set of Excalibur Component Video Cables at 1080i or 720p than with their HDMI cables at 1080p. We recently tested some of our interconnects as Component Video Cable sagainst a high-performance HDMI cable. We’ve been waiting to do these tests until we had transitioned the Double Helix Digital Interconnect to our new RCA plugs. And what a difference these plugs make!.  

We used a Blu-Ray player as source and a 1080p Sony TV LCOS RPTV as the monitor.  We found that the Blu- Ray player with the HDMI cable looked best at 1080P. No surprise there. But what did surprise Pierre and me was that we got superior picture quality using a component set of
Omega Mikro Clearview Double Helix Digital Cables at 1080i than with the HDMI  cable at 1080p. Better than with our Excals and Ultrathins too which were our previous low-cost champs for component video. Better yet was a set of our Planar Digital Zephyr interconnects. 

When we transition our Ultrathin Digital Interconnects to our new RCA plugs we’ll repeat these tests and report our results here. Stay tuned.

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Component Video vs. HDMI