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Omega Mikro‚Äč

 At first, we were very skeptical that Ethernet cables could make any difference in the sound quality of a digital audio system. in fact, the first few experiments we and our customers performed confirmed our assumption: afterall, the information carried by Ethernet cables is packetized and therefore temporarily stored and reclocked before the DAC gets the digits. Boy, were we wrong.

Once we found a few cables that were made with substantially different design parameters we did hear a difference: not the night and day difference that our interconnects  and cables can make but nevertheless worth investigating. Part of the problem with Ethernet is that it picks up noise which rides along with the carrier and jitters the reclocking process. The other part is the same type of smearing we hear from analog interconnects caused by dielectric absorption and skin effect. 

‚ÄčOnce we had a superior sounding commercial product we knew what we had to do to reduce noise transport and reduce smearing.  Here is the result:

You can further improve the sound of our Ebony Cat 8 Ethernet Cable by additional cryo treatments. Please see our LCX listing under digital cables for prices.You may try our Ebony Cat 8 Ethernet Cable for 30 days: if not happy with its effect on sound quality return for refund (not including cryo and shipping/handling/insurance).

Ebony Series Cat 8 Ethernet Cables are available in the following lengths shown in feet and approximate meters.

6' (1.8M)

10' ((3M)

15' (4.6M)

20' (6M)

25' (7,6M)

30' (9M)

35' (10.7M)

50' (15M)

75' (23M)

100' (30M)

Ebony Cat 8 Ethernet Cables

Ebony Series Cat 8 Ethernet Cables are directional. Connect the SOURCE end upstream (e.g., music server or NAS)