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The Macassar Ebony Active is our top-of-the-line digital interconnect. It comes in lengths from 1 to 2 meters. It uses 300 micro-inch pure copper ribbons with a  special annealing protocol, that significantly enhances resolution, silver-plated brass compression hardware and open weave mesh. The Macassar Ebony Active digital interconnect uses seven (7)  jitter-reducing networks.  These reduce reflection-induced jitter to near inaudible levels. In addition, the Macassar Ebony Active copper mesh receives an 18-volt bias voltage from a battery and radio frequency (rf) network supply box. The bias voltage reduces dielectric absorption and thereby significantly reduces smearing. Batteries supply no power to the interconnect so they will last their shelf life.

The Macassar uses our new organic-transmission line RCA plugs. We use thin-walled high-copper brass to form a true transmission line geometry which, along with our proprietary organic insulators, significantly reduce reflected energy-induced jitter to nearly inaudible levels. 

Consistent with our minimalist philosophy, these plugs are 1/5th the weight of our old plugs.  The difference in sound quality between our new organic-transmission line design and other RCA plugs is astounding. Pierre and I were both blown away when we heard the nuances and dynamics this new plug conveys. We use silver plated compression screws to make an even better sounding connection than with solder, welding or unplated hardware. 

Like its analog counterpart the Macassar Ebony Active digital interconnect gives music an astounding realism and impact. Your room will seem to come alive with spatial information. Each instrument is better placed in space. Leading and trailing edge macro and micro transients will be better captured lending individual instruments and large ensembles a live-like quality. Crescendos and soft pianissimo passages are captured with a startling sense of realism. Our customers report a radical change in sound from their digital front ends: more detail, more dynamic, yet smoother and more analog-like - more like a live musical experience.  You simply must hear how this interconnect can transform your  listening experience and how exciting and realistic your library of digitalmusic can sound.

We can retrofit your  Macassar  with our new plugs for $180 + $18 shipping and handling charge. Call to schedule your upgrade.

Macassar Ebony Active Digital (LCX)

"...nothing gets you closer to the music."