"...nothing gets you closer to the music."

Omega Mikro

Planar Analog Ebony (LCX)

                                                              1M. $2872                                                                              
                                                     Call for custom lengths

The Ebony comes in any length from 0.5 to 6 meters. It shares all of the AVIII features (300 micro-inch pure copper ribbons and special annealing protocol, silver-plated brass compression hardware and open weave mesh) but further reduces dielectric smearing. In the Ebony, the copper mesh receives a bias voltage from a battery and network supply box. The bias voltage further reduces dielectric effects and thereby significantly reduces smearing.

The weight of air contained within the Ebony’s mesh sleeve weighs nearly ten times as much as the insulation! As a result, the ribbon sees mostly air. The extremely small volume of dielectric in addition to the active bias all but eliminates dielectric effects of the mesh. Dielectric smearing, already very low in the VIII, is therefore vanishingly small in the Ebony.

The combination of ultra low time skew, low loss RCA plugs, minimal dielectric insulation and active control of residual dielectric effects gives music heard through the Ebony an astounding realism and impact. Your library of music will have emotional excitement and a deeply satisfying quality you simply must hear to appreciate. The Ebony is first choice for listeners passionate about music and who want the sound of the live acoustic in their listening rooms.