"...nothing gets you closer to the music."

Omega Mikro

                                                               1M. $672  
                                                     Call for custom lengths

The AII  replaces the AI as our entry level
Omega Mikro interconnect. It comes in lengths from 0.5 to 2 meters. We use pure copper ribbon less than 0.0005” thick. Why so thin? Because our listening tests reveal that thinner is better, provided the other dimensions and refining and processing protocols are optimized accordingly.

For the insulator we use a proprietary sandwich of polymers less than 0.0006” thick. This special polymer sounds very good as an insulator but in this configuration it is loosely coupled to the copper and thus intercepts less energy from the field surrounding the conductor. This results in far less dielectric smearing than designs that use conductors coated with thick insulation.

The AII’s RCA plugs are the same ones we use in our top of the line Ebony series. These RCA plugs make a significant contribution to the transparency of the sound. The new T-O series is a true transmission line design with a proprietary organic insulator (that sounds better then Teflon and every other insulator we have ever heard) and with thin, smooth, high-copper brass that beats alloys used by other manufacturers that use precious metals such as rhodium or gold, and way too much of it to boot. We use no solder in our RCA plugs but rather a high-pressure airtight silver-plated brass screw clamp to connect the ribbons to the RCA coaxial plug. This high compression connection sounds better than solder.

Our advanced annealing and drawing protocols further distinguish this interconnect by tempering the copper so that its crystals are longer and optimally aligned. Our tempered copper ribbons convey music’s details and dynamics giving it an immediacy and presence not to be found in competitively priced cables costing several times its price.

Planar Analog II (AII) WT