"...nothing gets you closer to the music."

                                                                1M.  $2,373  
                                                           Call for custom lengths

The AVIII comes in any length from 0.5 to 6 meters. It has the same RCA plugs, silver-plated brass compression hardware and ribbons as the AVII but uses the open weave insulated copper mesh we use in the Ebony series.

There is a fine insulating layer over the copper wire comprising the mesh. But, because the mesh is more than 95% open, it contains less than a tenth the volume of dielectric as the polymer film insulation used in the AI, AVI and AVII. The result, dielectric smearing, already very low in the AVII, is significantly reduced in the AVIII.

As dielectric smearing is reduced, bass takes on a more accurate texture, sounding faster, deeper and more detailed. Mid range and upper treble details are revealed with more delicacy and nuance. Instruments are voiced with a satisfyingly live quality. If your reference is live acoustic music, the AVIII will let you hear the music more like the live performances you’re used to hearing.

Planar Analog VIII (AVIII) LCX

Omega Mikro