"...nothing gets you closer to the music."

Omega Mikro

Planar Power Cables – Active and Passive

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Omega Mikro Planar Power Cables represent the state of the art in power transmission for high fidelity and video components. We designed them, like other Omega Mikro products, with faithfulness to music and the movie theater experience as our primary criteria. To get the most in music and image quality we avoided the thick dielectric jacket that adds ruggedness but smears the sound and picture.  As a result, Omega Mikro Planar Power Cables demand special care. Proper care and attention, however, will reward you with years of enjoyment. Here are a few rules to follow to assure safety:

1.    Never disassemble or attempt to repair the cable.
2.    Never puncture the braid.
3.    Never pinch or crush the braid.
4.    Never handle the cable except by its connectors.
5.    Never apply any compounds or chemicals to the silver plated braid.
       (Tarnishing is normal and will not degrade the sound)
6.    Never use on equipment other than audio or video.
7.    (900W) Never use on any component rated at more than 900 watts  prime power.  Momentary peak power demand should not exceed 3000 watts.
8.    (100W) Never use on any component rated above 100 watts prime
9.    Never let pets or children play with the cable.

You can expect to hear improvements in the sound of your system and in the quality of your picture:

1.    Finer musical detail and nuances
2.    Better sound stage focus
3.    Quicker more live-like transients without hard edges
4.    Deeper and cleaner bass with less hangover and smearing
5.    Clearer treble without glare and harshness
6.    More realistic instrument timbre and voicing
7.    Less confusion on complex musical passages 
8.    An overall sense of musical rightness

1.    Truer color rendition, less color ”bleeding”
2.    Sharper and better defined images

If you like the way Omega Mikro Planar Power Cables sound or look in your system, you may wish to try omega Mikro Planar Analog, Video and Digital Interconnects and Planar Speaker Cables. Omega Mikro is a joint venture of inSound, Inc. and Mapleshade Productions.

Omega Mikro Planar Power Cables are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from receipt by the end user (proof of purchase required). The warranty shall not apply to defects resulting from improper or accidental misuse. In any case OMEGA MIKRO is not liable for incidental or consequential damages of any nature. This warranty applies only to the original purchase of this product.

Introduction:  Congratulations on choosing what many have experienced to be the best power cord available.  Omega Mikro Planar power Cables bring out better instrument and image focus, detail, controlled transients and a sense of realism from your system that is closer to live music and the movie theater experience.  That such improvements can be attributed to a power cable may be astonishing – but hearing and seeing is believing. If you are not satisfied you may return the cable to your dealer, in original condition, within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

Versions and Directionality:  Omega Mikro Planar power Cables come as active or passive versions and in either Red or Blue directionality. Your choice between the passive and active versions depends on your performance vs. cost preference. The active version costs more but sounds better than the passive version. 

The choice between Red or Blue directionality depends on the particular component you are connecting to the power grid. Your dealer can provide you with a Red or Blue cable for your specific component based on his or her experience or will provide one of each so you can determine which sounds better. Select the one you want and return the other (in original condition) to your dealer.

The only technical difference between the Red and Blue options is in the crystal grain orientation of the copper ribbon conductors. We have developed a proprietary annealing and rolling protocol for making these ribbons sound great and use the same ribbon – but in opposite direction -for the Red and Blue options. We minimize dielectric and skin effects to reduce smearing. The active version takes another step to further reduce smearing by better controlling the dielectric properties of the insulation.

Installation:   Connecting the passive version to your system is straightforward. Avoid contacting any other metal surface including interconnects, other power cords or equipment. You may need to slip small pieces of paper, masking or polypropylene tape between the braid and other metal parts to keep them from touching. Also, keep as far from other dielectrics and insulators as possible to avoid smearing.

The above precautions also apply to the active version. Additionally, the active version has two leads extending from the IEC- end of the cable. These plug into the small battery box and filter network as follows: the Black or Blue pin plugs into the Black or Blue pin socket. The Red or White pin plugs into the Red or White pin socket.  

The power supply and filter box uses three carbon-zinc 9-volt batteries (accessible from the front panel by removing four brass screws). Used as recommended, fresh batteries will last their entire shelf life – usually more than a year. We recommend only carbon-zinc batteries.