"...nothing gets you closer to the music."

Omega Mikro

                                          5' Active Stratum II LCX with integrated Line Tamer  $2,267  
                 (Pic will be updated to show the new brass footers and Tau Series AC standard plug)

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Tau Series AC plugs are standard for the STRATUM II.  We can upgrade your current Omega Mikro STRATUM or STRATUM II  for $120 plus $60 for shipping, handling and insurance.

We started development of the Planar Power Central Stratum at the 1996 CES show. One of our partners had developed a high-end power strip that we wanted to use at the show (we had not yet developed the Planar Power Central) but we couldn’t get it to sound better than straight-into-the-wall-socket. After several hours of struggling with different mounting techniques we finally gave up but noticed that some mounting configurations sounded much better than others. 

That experience led us to evaluate many of the leading high end power strips and conditioners in the hope that we would find one we could use to improve sound at future CES shows and in our own laboratory. We found none that sounded better than straight-in.  So we developed the Planar Power Central to answer the need for powering several components while enhancing the overall sound compared with straight-in.

Now that the Planar Power Central has been on the market for several years we felt it time to improve its basic sound even more. Remembering our experience at the CES show we developed a stabilizing platform (we call the Stratum) that drains internal vibrations away from the power rails and results in black backgrounds that gives the music a live-like solidity.

In addition, the Stratum II integrates an Omega Mikro proprietary Line Tamer we designed to significantly reduce the effects of AC line noise and correlated signals generated from within your audio system and from external sources, The additional quieting our Line Tamer provides gives the music a  beautiful black background with granite-like solidity close to what you experience at a live acoustic music event. Customers who bought the first few beta model Stratum II's with Line Tamer were stunned by the effect. Once you’ve experienced it you’ll never want to be without it.  The combination of the Power Central, OM Line Tamer and  4" solid hard-maple vibration control platform with integrated brass footers has brought us  closer to a live musical experience than we've heard before. You have 30 days to experience what we hear or your money back.

Planar Power Central Stratum