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If you are using an ordinary or hospital grade power strip—or any power conditioner, no matter how expensive—replacing it with our power strip is likely to be your system’s biggest sonic upgrade so far. We have scores of customers who’ve bought the strip, tested it, sold their >$5000 conditioner and pocketed the difference.

To date, the Power Strip has smoked every famous power conditioner it’s been up against: PS Audio 600, Shenyatta Hydra, MIT, Richard Grey, Chang, Tice, Power Wedge, Monster, Tripplite, Audio Prism, Adcom.

After introducing the Clearview AC Power Cords a few years ago, I kept getting calls from enthusiastic users who wanted a multiple outlet version. That got Ron and I started on the Double Helix Power Strip. It was much harder than we expected.

We tested all kinds of multiple outlet receptacles. They all sounded horrible, especially the pro and hospital-grade ones. After a bushel of bad apples, we finally found the peach–a receptacle made of the same superb polymer used in the very best audiophile caps. This strip–combined with our proprietary Double Helix wires–made any music immediately sound cleaner and punchier. I was particularly dumbfounded by how good it sounded compared to all the second-mortgage line conditioners.

The MKII version has the same advantages as the MKII Power Cord; well worth the extra $75.

                                                                        ANOTHER STEP UP

All Clearview wires are available in a Plus version. Plus uses conductors with our new stress-relived metallurgy. I hear the Plus making the most difference in quiet passages: held guitar or piano chords sustain longer and resonate more clearly as they fade into silence. The breathiness of singers and flutes, the metallic ring of cymbals is better articulated and less abrasive. For fans of acoustic music, small group jazz or chamber music, we recommend Plus without hesitation.

Clearview Double Helix Power Strip

"...nothing gets you closer to the music."