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Zephyr Digital Interconnects

Zephyr Digital interconnects

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                                        Zephyr Digital Interconnects

The Zephyr is our entry level
Omega Mikro digital interconnect. It comes in lengths from 1 to 2 meters.  Zephyr shares the AII’s wide bandwidth, low time skew, pure copper ribbon, low dielectric smearing and copper compression connections. In addition, Zephyr incorporates a proprietary jitter- reducing network.  

 Although the AII analog interconnect has sufficient bandwidth to function as a digital cable the addition of this network makes digital sound more analog.  Zephyr achieves smoother less harsh sound while also conveying more of the micro and macro musical nuances and details. 

The Zephyr 300 uses 300 micro-inch ribbon to further reduce skin effect and its concomitant smearing. Lower skin effect working together with the jitter reduction network makes the Zephyr 300 a major step up in digital  source purity. 

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