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Omega Mikro

Quite contrary to my intuition, an enthusiastic Clearview Strip user told me his Strip sounded better mounted on maple. Dubious, I repeated his test. He was right in spades! That started me on the design of an all-out power conditioner to go well beyond our very successful giant-killing Clearview Strip.

The new design, the Stratum, goes to the max in vibration control: via our brand-new Nanomounts, the conditioning strip is coupled to a beautiful, custom-matched, thick maple platform mounted on heavy polished brass footers. To enhance RF rejection and to provide super-fast energy delivery for punchier, much clearer transients, I have incorporated new passive components.

Listening to the Stratum, I hear very significant sonic advances over the standard Strip: the sound is surprisingly cleaner—and much more dynamic from deepest bass to airiest treble. The extra $350 over the MKII Plus is indeed a worthwhile investment—and still leaves the Stratum at well under ¼ the price of the top of the line power conditioners that it beats so handily. 30-Day Money Back.

Power Stratum, 2" maple with 4.5' Power Cord: $710 + Shipping

Black dye or natural maple, finished with clear lacquer: no charge
Upgrade to carpet piercing footers: $40
Upgrade to 4" thickness: $40
Increase cord length to 6': $70
Add custom toned-lacquer finish for $50; $70 for Semi-Gloss Black

                                                                            Custom Toned-Lacquer Finishes

For finished platforms add custom toned-lacquer finish for $50; $75 for black. Maple products with a custom lacquer finish are made to order. The turnaround time for custom finishes is 6-8 weeks. We require a 50% non-refundable deposit for all custom work.

Please select lacquer color then select your exact specifications and add-on options:

 Please call to order

Clearview Power Stratum